About Me

To be honest, I didn't even know I could do this until a year ago when I went to a food show and watched someone make cake pops.  I was thinking to myself....wow, that looks really fun, different and easy.  Fun and different....YES.   Easy....NO!  Anyone that has made a cake pop knows what I mean.  I started out making only cake pops, then customers started asking for cupcakes and then cakes.   It's been a pretty cool journey, especially since I only do this for fun as I have a full time job outside of the home.

My super supportive husband helps so much with the kids and house.   His work consists of a lot of traveling through PA, MI, NY and Ohio....but he makes sure to get home when the kids get off the bus.  With two kids active in several sports, by the grace of God, we manage to make it work.   

Welcome to my blog and I hope you enjoy my tasty creations!