Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Owl Cake Pops

120 little owls were incredibly time consuming, but turned out absolutely adorable!  Here is a basic step by step breakdown of how to make them.

You will need the following:
Cake rolled into cylinder shapes (see picture)
Chocolate melting discs
Candy necklaces
Candy coated sunflower seeds
Brown mini m&m's
Chocolate chips
Confetti for the feet

Each owl consists of 2 eyes, 2 feet, 2 wings, 2 ears and 1 nose.  The eyes are candy necklaces, the feet are confetti I found at Mr. Bulky's in Akron, Ohio, the wings are mini brown m&m's, the ears are chocolate chips and the nose is candy coated sunflower seeds.

Sorry the pic is sideways.  I could not get it to rotate.

Chocolate Cake (see previous post for recipe)
Yes, I am totally aware I have mad cutting skills!
This is perfectly even right?!
Icing (see previous post for recipe)
1 quarter of your cake will make approximately 12 cake pops.
I add 2 scoops of icing


This is what your cake should look like.  Roll a ball
to see if they stick together.  If they fall apart, they need
more icing.
Tablespoon usually gives me the perfect size round cake ball 

Roll the cake into a cylinder shape
Dip stick into melted chocolate.  Remember, do not
get your chocolate too hot.  This will cause your
cake pop to crack!

Dip chocolate chips in melted chocolate and stick on top
for ears.  It dries in seconds.

Dip cake into chocolate.  Tap off excess.  Place m & m wings.
The cake pop may dry too fast before you can add
everything so you may want to have a tooth pick handy!
Dip the tooth pick in chocolate and dab where eyes will be.
Repeat process for nose and feet.

Congratulations!  You just made an owl cake pop.
Now wasn't that easy :)